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Payton Howie’s “Youngblood” EP is a True Country/Rock Crossover

An attitude like Avril and a vocal power like Carrie, Payton Howie makes a name for herself in her debut EP, Youngblood. Howie combines the best parts of country and rock, rolling them together into a project trademarked by the grit of country with a fresh twist.

She takes listeners on a tour of her heart, spanning from party tracks like, “Never Go Home” to down-to-earth reflections like, “Country Before Me”. “Run Boy Run” shows a side of dangerous attitude, while “Freedom” is her anthem of gratitude for the blessing of a full life. Though diverse in theme and attitude, the EP feels true to Howie throughout. Including belting vocals and the nostalgic steel guitar in the same project is no easy feat, but Howie forsakes no part of her “take it or leave it” persona in Youngblood.

The 20-year-old will also be hitting the road on her first-ever tour, the Youngblood Tour! Payton Howie will be taking her down-home swagger to 16 cities and 4 states, where she will perform tracks from the EP and, hopefully, some new ones. Check out tour dates and more at www.paytonhowie.com and on Instagram @paytonhowiemusic.

Listen to the full album on your favorite streaming platform here: https://ampl.ink/jjp4V

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