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Interview: AJ Raggs

We have AJ Raggs in the house today. How are you doing?

I’m doing great! The sun is out today, and it looks like March will indeed go ‘out like a lamb’ this year!

Okay tell us something about yourself that might surprise us!

Ok, so I’m a pop music artist, but I actually have a degree in Opera. I am so grateful for the technique I learned in my time in school! It actually helps me out in my pop career more than you might think!

You have a new release out – tell us all about it. Did you write it? If you did, what was that process like?

Yes! I co-wrote this bad-boy with Carrie Cunningham, who also co-produced! It’s called “We Were the Band!” and is basically about a love that feels like a constant party! Carrie came in with this title, and this was also our first write together! Ironically, as I’ve told Carrie, I wasn’t sure about the idea at first, but it is now quite possibly my favorite song I’ve been a part of. We wrote the song over zoom, and actually took a couple of sessions to finish. But we started talking about the kind of songs I wanted to write – at the time, and also currently, I was really into Pop/Rock bands like Pan!c, Paramore, and Walk the Moon. Carrie was such an amazing collaborator and really worked hard to help bring my dreams for a song like this to life! I’m so blessed to have been able to work with her on it, and on more soon to come!

How long have you been in the music industry?

When I started out in the Eastern Area Youth Chorale, a local children’s choir here in Pittsburgh, I was probably about 10 years old. I had my first ‘gig’ when I was 11 – my cousin’s wedding – And then I finally started getting voice lessons around age 12 from Mr. Will Smith – not THE Will Smith (although, to me at the time, he was THE Will Smith), he was my church’s music director. I’m currently 27 years old, so I guess you could say I’ve been doing music for about 17 years? I was always singing though. Some of my earliest memories (probably from when I was about 8 years old) are from my dad playing oldies in the car – Sinatra, Dean Martin, The Beatles – and I fell in love with them! I would sing them all the time. I also remember both of my grandfather’s (mom’s and dad’s sides) calling me up on the old speakerphones to sing to me! My mom also bought me my first keyboard. It is such a blessing to have had such supportive parents. They never told me I couldn’t do music. I’m so grateful to them.

If we were riding along in your car right now – who would be playing through the speakers?

LOVE this question. For me it changes so often – but lately I like trying to find new artists I haven’t heard of by using Apple’s new music playlist. But if we were riding along and just wanted to jam? You can bet it’d be some kinda pop rock tune – currently I’ve been rocking out to “Hurricane” by The Vamps. I know it’s an older song, but call me nostalgic!

Let everyone know where to connect with you and listen to your music.

You can find me on most all social medias @ajraggs – TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and snapchat!

You can also hear my songs anywhere you get your music! Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Tidal, Amazon, Google Play and many more! Just search AJ Raggs with two “g’s”! Thanks for chatting with me!!

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