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Single Review: Hannyta “17” (Houson Boombox Remix)

A remix can often change and evolve the way a song sounds, often giving the song a new image to represent itself. A fun beat and electronic energy make way for a new realm of possibility, and that’s exactly the case with Hannyta’s latest single, a remix of her song ‘17’ by Houson. It’s a fascinating single, and today we’ll be giving it a closer look.

Remixes allow an artist to recontextualize their past work, breathing new life into a mix and attracting a brand new audience that wouldn’t have otherwise been interested. That’s exactly what we’re seeing with today’s song on review, ‘17 (Houson Boombox Remix)’. As the name implies, it’s a remix of the soft, folksy song ‘17’ from young starlet Hannyta, adding a touch of club and dance influence to the mix.

Club vibes and beats race throughout the song, swapping out the song’s original homely and grounded tone with catchier melodies and more upbeat rhythms. We love how the song takes the original and really changes things up, breathing new life into it. While fans of the original song won’t find a lot to love here, it opens up the doors to a brand new audience, and it does it well.

Hannyta’s vocals mix well with the boomier and deeper bass beats of the remix, and the bass is excellent. Each hit of the drum has a nice sense of impact that keeps things upbeat, and paired with Hannyta’s soft and sweet vocals makes for a bombastic feeling track. Everything flows nicely, and there’s a lot to love here for fans of EDM and Club music.

The prevailing arrangement makes this song a memorable one, and the tone of the song keeps up its energy for the whole duration of it. With Hannyta’s vocals in the center of the song, everything manages to stay as a solid whole and most importantly, it sounds great. With small touches here and there, there’s a lot of good attention to detail that’s sure to keep listener’s interest.

Overall, ‘17 (Houson Boombox Remix)’ is a solid single and a very good remix. It hits all the notes one would expect from a remix of a folksier song like ‘17’, while also having enough substance and style to transform the song into a whole new experience. Definitely worth a listen if you’re a fan of Club and Electronic music.

–Jason Airy

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