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Interview With KinderCrowdControl

Give us the most rad achievement you got because of your music? 

Edem: Wow, there’s a few… Hmmm. I would have to say reaching the ears of BsquaredMGMT out of Nashville, Tennessee. No cold calling etc., they heard our music and signed us up. Also a prominent music figure heard our stuff and was wowed. Pretty cool.

Brett: “Rad” happens for us week in and week out, but for me it would have to be the 30,000+ Spotify Listener landmark. This achievement led me to an amazing generality about music: people are always hungry to hear something new. If your Readers want to get anything from reading this article, slow down and read that again. This is good for all of us!

How would you define your rock and roll?

Edem: As John Lennon might have said “It’s just rock and roll with a laptop”.

Brett: LOL! I love that line, but to get into the weeds about it, our form of rock and roll draws from many forms of music. Sometimes it might sound raw, and at other times classical. I think you’ll always be surprised about it and might even say that you can’t pinpoint it but that you like it. That response would be perfect for us because we strive to sound only like ourselves. Ultimately, our hope is that the music from KinderCrowdControl will resonate with listeners and cause them to seek out more about us.

What was an impactful concert you got to see that inspires you to keep rockin’ and rollin’ yourself?

Edem: Jeff Beck at the Hollywood Bowl in 2016. Older statesman and still busting doors and blowing minds.


Brett: That’s tough to define for 2 reasons: One – I haven’t seen any recent concerts due to COVID restrictions so nothing recent comes to mind. Two – If I were to look further back through my memory, I’d have to say that it would be hard to identify any single event. Truth be told, I’m looking forward to the end of COVID so that I can start drawing inspiration from upcoming tours again. There’s a lot to catch up on.

Do you dare to compare yourself to other artists? 

Edem: Well that’s a tricky question! Do we think we’re worthy? Absolutely. Do we want to emulate? Never. We do our thing. Always have, and will continue to do so.


Brett: Why would I want to do that? I’ve never wanted to be an Imitator.

Is there a positive way to keep competitive?

Edem: Be positive. And make amazing stuff.


Brett: Competition drives us to become better. If you want to get stronger, you need to compete. Why would anyone not want to grow stronger at their craft?

Learning more about yourself comes with the territory of creating music. Has there been something that you had to face and wanted to change?

Edem: Being able to learn recording in Logic. This is thanks to Mitch Steele who suggested I could start recording myself and not rely on outside assistance. That was back in 2010…


Brett: For me, it’s been about growing my craft as an Artist. In order to do that, I had to shed the idea of myself as a musician and embrace the wider vision of myself as an Artist. What do I mean by that? You can be the most amazing guitarist ever, but if you don’t do the other things you need to do that make you an Artist you’ll never get beyond the confines of your own bedroom. There’s so much more to a career in music than just being great at one thing. Always be a student, and don’t shy away from investing in yourself.

What do you think is the most special part of yourself that you never want to change?

Edem: Myself. Being me got us here with you. Good song title…


Brett: To always try to see the world through someone else’s point of view. In order to master this, I had to improve my vocabulary (huh?) so that I could better communicate. Words are powerful, and once put into the right order can convey a powerful message.

Demanding more of yourself is a given when in a deep dive of your art. But what do you do for your mental health to keep yourself engaged with more than just your art?

Edem: Doing my art is crucial for my mental health; it keeps me “sane”. The clock stops. Being busy with my arts suits me just fine. But I am also a surfer, homeowner, gardener, walker, reader, film lover, and dad too. The rest I’ll leave to the imagination.


Brett: I don’t focus my entire life on my art. There has to be a balance. For my mental health, I have plenty of other activities to participate in. The world has an endless list of activities, and we each need to find a balance that makes us happy.

Give us important dates, events and all the goodness you have coming up with your music!

Edem: Well, we just released “Atomic Tango”, around March 1st we will release “Freeka!”, April 1st we’re releasing “Electric Sheep”.


Brett: Check out everything “KinderCrowdControl” on Linktree https://linktr.ee/kindercrowdcontrol

What’s your NEXT chart topper? 

Edem: We love everything we do, but still usually love our latest release the most. So I’m betting on “Freeka!”.This one came so easily, like our previous release “Yes”. It’s not rare for the songs that come most easily to resonate with our listeners the most. But then there’s “Electric Sheep”, an awesome track too.


Brett: “Freeka!”. Should be available March 1st.

Change the world with one word.

Edem: Believe.


Brett: Listen.

Thank you for your time! Rock on!

Thank you!

Check out KinderCrowdControl at:
Instagram, TikTok, Spotify: kindercrowdcontrol

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