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Single Review: “No Thank You” Money Coach

Developing an identity is the cornerstone of longevity in hip-hop, and it’s clearly something that Money Coach is thinking about in his new single “No Thank You.” Rather than putting forth a beat stripped from the mainstream model, Money Coach is using a unique swing to guide his lyrics with incredible potency. There is no tension on the backend – from the moment this player gets started, we’re faced with a vocal that is dominant over the instrumentation, affirming his swagger as far more than a prop for music video fodder. This is a rapper worth taking seriously, which isn’t something I can say for all of his contemporaries at the moment.

The verses in this track ride the beat as opposed to sticking on an equal level with the bassline, which in turn makes the lyrics sound much more physical than they would have otherwise. I get the impression that Money Coach doesn’t want a lot of muscle in the melodies here, because it would ultimately obstruct our ability to really appreciate his depth as a rapper. He isn’t being arrogant at the mic, but his confidence is undeniably one of the most important attributes of “No Thank You.”

Money Coach’s music video for this song has an old school flamboyance that aligns quite well with the aesthetics of the music, but you can tell he was trying to avoid overindulgence on this end as well. When it comes to making something visually compelling in hip-hop, there’s nothing worse than utilizing the same frills we’ve seen a hundred times over through the last thirty-five years, which is what this player is going out of his way to do here. He wants to be an individual, and you’ve got to respect his eagerness to stand out in a crowded talent pool.

I like that the bassline isn’t bumping the vocal track from beginning to end in “No Thank You,” because while the groove remains a hot presence in the mix from beginning to end, it isn’t embellished by a murky bottom-end. Money Coach doesn’t need a lot of bells and whistles to sound like a G, and if there’s one highlight to take away from this performance, that’s it. Between the imagery in the video and the simple delivery of his vocal, he’s got the energy of a longtime veteran about to take over another facet of the industry in real-time.

As both a critic and a lifelong hip-hop fan, I can’t wait to find out more about Money Coach and the artistry he’s cultivating in “No Thank You,” and while he isn’t the only rapper worth taking notice of in 2022, he gives us enough reason to believe he’s going to excel beyond most of his competition. At its core, “No Thank You” is a song about self-confidence, and judging from the way that this player has been able to back up his ambitions, I have to say now that he’s earned every right to be one of the more swaggering artists in his scene at the moment.

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