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Single Review: Larry Jay “Unwrap You”

Singer-songwriter Larry Jay has released the song “Night School.” Listeners will find the song to be about a relationship between Larry Jay and a girl in high school. He chooses the phrase ‘night school’ as a metaphor for intercourse. This is creative songwriting at its finest, and makes it easy to see why Larry Jay became a singer-songwriter in the first place. The soaring guitars and captivating vocal melodies assist the lyrics in creating a song that is an all-around strong effort.

With “Unwrap You,” Larry Jay comes across as a musician whose career has an upward trajectory. His songs “Night School,” “That Kind of Love,” and “Wow” all saw great success on iTunes, and there’s no doubt that “Unwrap You” will also be a fan favorite.

Depending on the listener and the song, one may have conflicting feelings about who Larry Jay sounds like. Larry Jay says that “While I’ve been told I sound like Keith Urban, I think I sound more like Neil Young. Either way, being told I’m a really great songwriter is the best compliment I could ever receive.” Indeed, he is a very talented singer and songwriter who started his music career “To set my soul free.”

You can find Larry Jay’s music on Spotify. Be sure to follow Larry Jay on Instagram (@larryjay_music) and Twitter (@lwdc123). Learn more about Larry Jay by visiting his website (https://www.larryjaymusic.com/).



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