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UK-based Band Angel And Co Presents Their New Single, ‘Eat The Sun’


Angel and Co weaves a beautiful melodic saga about love in their finest creation, ‘Eat the Sun.

The newest band from London Angel and Co has been making the world vibe on the beats of their third single, Eat the Sunreleased on major streaming platforms in November last year. The song offers a brilliant 90s acoustic feel in both its rhythmic arrangements and lyrical illustration. The track opens with an uplifting melodic cadence that quickly catches up with the soothing nature of the lyrics maintaining its sonic exuberance. The song is extremely positive and has a relatable message of love and affection that connects the audience with the artists. The perfect blend of pop and rock elements in the track takes the audience to a rich thematic plane satisfying their thirst.

The gifted band started their musical journey right before the lockdown in 2020. Instead of being discouraged, they worked hard on their music and came up with some of the most extraordinary creations worthy of global recognition. Armed with the diverse background of the members who come from Boston, LA, Toronto, Buenos Aires, Caracas, and Athens, Angel and Co has been able to produce a unique sound in each song. And in Eat the Sunthey showcased unmatchable music-making and storytelling skills to the audience. Visit their website and follow them on YouTube and Spotify for more.

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