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Single Review: Larry Jay “What Do I Have”

Adding to his already impressive catalog of Country singles, Larry Jay releases “What Do I Have,” another thought-provoking, witty, satirical offering. This up-tempo swing features Larry Jay offering his almost signature pessimism mixed with humor which allows Larry to fully explore the theme of moving on from a tattered relationship, and of the thoughts, and emotions one gets left with after a relationship goes sour. However, throughout the song, the effective use of rich metaphor gives the edgy nature a sense of regret and remorse over the failed union, as Larry looks within himself to find fault, and guilt as well. “I see everything I needed when I look in my rearview, what do I have, do I have to do to get over you.” Apart from the clever lyrics and song structures that lend to pop stylings, “What Do I Have” also features some very talented acoustic guitar melodies. The syncopated downbeats coupled with the arpeggiated main rhythms allow Larry Jay to mix up different strumming patterns to keep the momentum moving forward and offer contrast to the sections of the track giving his listener a fully entertaining offering.

The production on “What Do I Have” is very well-executed as each overtone of the guitars rings out crisp and clear while the bottom end remains full, and with a deep underlying groove. As a complement to Larry Jay’s other singles; “Killer Song,” “Night School”, and “Unscrew It,” “What Do I Have” offers a more serious Larry Jay, an artist poised to see himself added to commercial Country radio playlist rotations, and attracting a vast audience with his ability to entertain and challenge his listener. As a traditionally Roots/Americana artist Larry Jay is able to demonstrate his ability to perform across any genre, while maintaining his signature sound and style. As Larry Jay continues to grow as an artist and songwriter, this popular song structure puts Larry Jay into the group of inspiring artists to watch.

–Lee Callaghan

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