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Multi-instrumentalist Versal Captures The Listeners With His Latest Album, “Versal Volume 2.”

Javier Velez, better known as Versal, is a Houston, Texas-based musician who has just released his second album, “Versal Volume 2.” It is a soulful instrumental album that is sure to please listeners, old or young. The 8-track project dazzles with a wide range of sounds ranging from peaceful romantic to abrasive brass parts featured on Kind of Pink and The Guardians of Montserrat and is imbued with classical and meditative influences, exposing listeners to a diverse range of genres. Uplifting vibes are also noticeable in the tracks Pencil Strokes and Your Eyes. This original project was created in Javier’s home studio and grand piano. While varying from piece to piece, the artist masterfully retains an overall tone and style. Also a statistical programmer and CG artist, Javier Velez plays the flute, trombone, classical guitar, piano, trumpet, and more that is evident in his latest album “Versal Volume 2.”

Born in San Juan, Puerto Rico, Javier has a diverse musical background. He began composing at the age of 13 and had his first recording studio experience at the age of 14. He also studied harmony, composition, orchestration and counterpoint under professor James McCoy, PhD. What distinguishes him from others in the field is his ability to compose great music without using lyrics. Besides being an accomplished musician, Javier has also worked as a director, director of photography, editor, composer, sound designer, CGI artist, colorist, and dialogue editor on film and documentary projects. Javier himself also designs and produces the artwork for his albums, including the logo, type font, and concept, making him a true all-around artist. He enjoys orchestral music of all eras and genres, including pop. He is determined to compose and produce music that combines multiple genres, instruments, and techniques to convey the joy of living that comes with it. He believes that music is ultimately an abstraction and that adding lyrics only defeats the purpose. He says, “It’s like looking at a Jackson Pollock painting or a beautiful landscape; no need to define or explain what it is, it just is.”

“Versal Volume 2” is now available across major music platforms, including Spotify, SoundCloud, and YouTube. For more information on Versal’s endeavors, visit his website and follow him on Facebook.


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