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New Single From Mitchell Royel is an Ode to Self-Discovery, Resilience, and Inner Power – Ghost in the Machine

The thing about hardships is that they make us who we are; the lessons they teach us imbue resilience, wisdom and true strength. When we stand tall against life’s biggest challenges, we can emerge all the better for it.

This is the story told by the hit new single, Ghost in the Machine, from sensational artist and influencer, Mitchell Royel. The song paints a picture of betrayal, recovery, and the newfound power they forged.

A Story of Triumph
Royel was first catapulted into fame more than ten years ago with the release of the single Crowd Nine. Finding notoriety at such a young age took a toll on the youth’s life in more ways than he could anticipate.

In 2017, when Royel was just 23, he found himself betrayed by people who he thought he could trust. This betrayal – along with some complications with a drug he had been previously prescribed – led to a hospitalization and several months of recovery in Bel-Air.

In a recent retrospective online, the artist described the experience as transformative. It was only by going through this painful experience that he could find true inner strength. Through a recovery period and several conversations with God, he emerged stronger than ever before.

This is the emotional canvas on which Ghost in the Machine has been constructed. It’s a masterclass in lyrical catharsis and is available on all streaming platforms now!

A Powerhouse Collaboration
Ghost in the Machine is the result of a powerhouse collaboration between Mitchell Royel, Elijah Syx, and Stones Moyo.

Rapper and songwriter Stones Moyo blends his talents with Royel’s in a song that defies explanation. Elijah Syx’s familiar producing flair is evident throughout. If you haven’t given it a listen yet, what are you waiting for?

Game-Changing Sound
Royel’s new single greets the listener with his familiar lyrical mastery. His story is underscored by fresh beats, an infectious sound, and the rhythmical genius of Stones Moyo. We can’t recommend this one enough.

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