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Fairshake Releases Cinematic Music Video For “High Risk”

Atlanta alternative rock band Fairshake has released their newest single, the emotionally driven modern rock anthem “High Risk”. The song was recorded and mixed by Jeremy Nichols (Dim) at SpaceJockey Sound, with percussion and production from Ben Cato (Dim, The Dangerous Summer).

“High Risk” is the first single from the High Risk LP, releasing in April 2022.  “We have never written a record so fast, but never has there been so much catalyst in a short amount of time,” explains guitarist and vocalist Shayne Goss. “Most of this record was from a very broken, betrayed, angry & suicidal place. Coming to terms with a luckily failed suicide attempt, and realizing the healing that was ahead and how deserving I was of that love & healing.”

Fairshake has also released a video to go along with the single. The band worked with SLPWLKR out of Chicago. “They did an amazing job on bringing the cinematic and trippy vision of the storyline for the music video to life,” says Goss.

The message behind the video is based on a true story. A story that people who struggle with mental and emotional health will know all too well.  “I was inspired to write the script with the symbolism of the Hanged Man in Tarot,” says Goss. “Anyone familiar with this divination modality understands that the Hanged Man isn’t a literal death, but a dead-end to a way of being/perceiving. I believe that we build a tower of a character we call our identity around traumas. So, what happens when our tower falls we finally have to face those deep fears?”

Listen to “High Risk” on Spotify or watch the video on YouTube below:

Fairshake; In this moment you are judgment-free of everyone, especially yourself to learn from past unpleasant experiences and surrender into your highest form.  This never-ending journey with Shayne Goss since 2008 has been accompanied by many talented artists who have shared this vibration over the years.

Fairshake has experienced genre changes as the project has evolved, especially after inducting Tucker Harding and Chase Sammons in the fall of 2017.  The project, coming from emotionally charged singer-songwriter roots with pop melodies, has grown very naturally into the alternative rock, punk, and dare we say “emo” music that we all grew up on and love.

“High Risk” is only the beginning of an excruciatingly beautiful story.  This collection of songs is a perfect way to follow up the band’s previous EP, Sitcom (April 2020) featuring the Vocal premier of Lead Guitarist, Tucker Harding.


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