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Daphne Wolfe Is All Set To Release Her New Single “Under My Spell”

Highly-talented teen musician Daphne Wolfe has announced the release of her new single “Under My Spell,” which will be released in January 2022. “Under My Spell” is not an ordinary song; it is, in fact, a sensitive story about self-discovery and the challenges of dealing with an identity crisis that the singer went through after learning she has non-classic congenital adrenal hyperplasia. Wolfe expresses her confusions in “Under My Spell,” which she calls a hate/love letter to herself as well as an acknowledgment of her gender dysphoria. Through this song, the singer wants to motivate listeners and encourage those already going through similar experiences to accept and express their true selves and know they aren’t alone.

Daphne Wolfe is a Dallas-based teen musician; her musical journey began when she covered Radiohead’s ‘Creep,’ which drew immediate attention. She then made another remake of Gilbert O’Sullivan’s “Alone Again (Naturally),” which also received positive feedback. Wolfe soon began composing original music and released “Pictures On My Wall.” After that, she took a short break due to personal reasons, but now this little star is ready to return to the music industry and cut the first turf for her new project next year. Wolfe creates music based on her personal experiences to inspire her listeners to stay motivated even if they believe their life is tough.

Click here to pre-order “Under My Spell.” Follow Daphne Wolfe on her Instagram for more updates on her upcoming projects.


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