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The Dirty Shirts Releases Their Third Single, “Shake.”

The Dirty Shirts have launched their latest single from their impending full-length debut album. As the title implies, “Shake” is a hip-swaying reminiscent that their audience would love to shake their booty to. Released under Laundromat Recordings, the song features plucky, toe-tapping nibbles of vocalist and lead guitarist Nick Santa Maria, coupled brilliantly with a patron vocal spot from Rachel Farrell. It also brings the bluesy-rock flamboyance of acts like The Rolling Stones and Rival Sons.

The Dirty Shirts are a Rock N’ Roll outfit from Dallas who enthrall the audience with their new creation. Through “Shake,” the band explicates the moments when a person sees someone through the haze of a club or a show and immediately falls into intense infatuation with ‘that someone’ he/she has never met and is unlikely to see again. The song also encompasses everything that made Nick connect with music – big vocal hooks, huge and driving drums, driving bass lines, and big guitars. The Dirty Shirts collaborated with multi-Grammy-winning engineer Tre Nagella at Luminous Sound studio on “Shake,” with Nagella also handling production duties on the band’s forthcoming project.
Listen to “Shake” on Spotify, and follow The Dirty Shirts on Instagram for more information on their upcoming endeavors.


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