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R&B Singer MARLEE Captivates Listeners With His Latest Single, “Tru Luv.”

New Jersey-based R&B artist Marlee is armed to the teeth to impress his audience with his soulful music. Released on November 18, ‘Tru Luv’ features soft R&B grooves, Afro-Beat instrumentals, and hip hop bars, giving it a really unique sound. This song delves into the feelings and emotions of a more modern love story, demonstrating Marlee’s creative flow to connect with his listeners through his personal experiences. The single has a strong hook and a well-balanced R&B-infused sound design, which is complemented by the rapper’s smooth rap delivery and lyrical flow. ‘Tru Luv’s’ lustful essence will undoubtedly captivate everyone.

The artist has been busy creating music for his fans. His songs, such as ‘Loyal,’ ‘Work It Out,’ ‘GoGo Girl,’ and ‘Full Moon’ are already getting audiences’ attention. And now, his most recently released is sure to create a buzz in the industry. “Tru Luv” is the perfect track to kick off (or end) any date night. It explores the emotional experiences that bubble up from real life, modern love and demonstrates Marlee’s creative drive.

“Tru Luv,” is a modern homage to easygoing love songs from the 1990s, and has all the hallmarks of a true classic. “Tru Luv” is now available on all major platforms, including Spotify and Youtube. Follow Marlee on Instagram to get more information about his upcoming projects.

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