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Photo Credit: Al Geiner

UK-Nigerian Triple Threat Sayò

Sayò Popoola, aka Sayò, is a UK-Nigerian songwriter, producer, and world-renowned recording artist known for her unique ability to climb the melodic scale, seamlessly! Many praise her as “the singer with the angelic voice,” having a distinguished sonic signature; she has broken the noise of the oversaturated industry, quickly becoming a household name.

Sayò has swiftly gained the hearts of her fans with her God-given ability to fuse gentle lyricism alongside genre-bending influences. She continues to raise the bar, and she keeps her audience charmed by her sound. She understands that being passionate about what she creates and the people she makes music with is far more valuable than any accolade or material possession.


After releasing “For Your Love” in April, we see Sayò on a vibrant streak of heartfelt sonatas, and it’s evident that her catalogue is an honest reflection of where life is taking her. Her art has become an oasis and medium to release her inner child. She recently demonstrated making a fictional fantasy a reality in her latest single, ‘Zombie’. In this record, Sayò soulfully sings out of her youthful experiences and her inclination to the supernatural– ‘Zombie’ is a metaphor for forbidden love; she playfully weaves that into modern-day relationships.

Sayò evokes rock-solid commitment because she is confident she’s here to stay. Because of her extraordinary potential to perk ears and attract crowds, we expect an inevitable increase in brand expansion, artistic growth, and more public appearances in the media space. One thing is for sure; her star power will keep on rising.

Don’t miss out on Sayò’s upcoming releases, and keep up with her on all her socials :

Instagram https://instagram.com/sayoofficial_?utm_medium=copy_link

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Photo credit: Al Geiner

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