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Single Review: “On My Own” Kari Wahlgren (feat. Chloe Agnew)


Putting emotional poetry on paper can be cathartic, but it can also translate as trivial when it isn’t read from the right perspective. Singer/songwriter Chloe Agnew isn’t giving us the opportunity to misread her emotional expressions in the new single and music video “On My Own;” her singing frames every word with a true emotion that bleeds from her heart to ours seamlessly. Kari Wahlgren found a treasure when she discovered this artist, and in “On My Own,” I think it becomes more than clear just how much potential Agnew is working with at this moment in her budding career.

The music video for this song is really simple and focuses on the presence of its creator more than it does anything else, and against the backdrop of so many prop-laden works in pop videography, I think it’s rather refreshing to come across something as cut and dry as this is. Agnew isn’t clouding the raw authenticity of her performance with any of the external fluff a lot of other players in and outside of her scene would in some effort to obstruct her shortcomings – she’s wearing her heart on her sleeve, and using the rough edges she does possess as a vehicle for building trust with the audience.

I think “On My Own” is a really brooding single in general, and it’s made this way through so much more than the vocal harmony Agnew brings to life. Her delivery, I would say, is even a little more important and integral to the energy of this track than her actual tonal expressiveness is, which certainly isn’t to say that she doesn’t have it going on in that department, either. She’s giving us as close to the uncut, unrehearsed truth as she can without breaking every rule in the pop playbook, and it’s hard to picture her not getting even better with time.

There has been a lot of cool indie pop coming out of the woodwork lately, but I’m glad I found out about this stunner of a single from Chloe Agnew and Kari Wahlgren this month. There’s no faking the kind of affection for the medium Agnew is giving in “On My Own,” and if she’s already this good at what she does, you have to wonder just how much of an emotive juggernaut she’s going to be with some more miles under her professional belt. I’ll stick around to find out, and I think a lot of other critics are going to join me.

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