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Sonny Boy Show Promise With Debut Single

Pop-rock artist Sonny Boy has just dropped his debut single “The Homecoming“. The 80s inspired, synth-heavy pop track has a new wave post-punk flavor with the modern flare of artists like Bleachers and The 1975.  The song sees Sonny Boy on vocals and playing most of the instruments, along with Kelcie Guidas lending a hand on Vocals and Daniel Blake producing and engineering, as well as additional keys and drums.

“The Homecoming” is the first single from the upcoming full-length LP of the same name. “The album began as a mix of newer songs that just didn’t fit with my other projects and some “leftover” songs that I’d had for years, but as the themes and concepts of the record started to take shape in my mind, I ended up scrapping three songs and writing four new songs just for the album,” explains Sonny Boy. “The idea was basically to leave my comfort zone when it came to the music production side of things. I’ve always been a bit of a zealot regarding organic recording and live takes, but this was a chance to embrace the use of more electronic tools and modern processes and to build the songs from the ground up.

Overall, “The Homecoming” is a strong debut release and a breath of neon-soaked fresh air for the indie-pop scene.

Along with the single, the band has also released a music video. Directed by Jereme Guidas. You can watch the video below:

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