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Single Review: Nane “Seventeen”

Like scenes from a fever-induced dream, Nané’s music video for “Seventeen” is both eclectic and highly stimulating, turning us down one dark alley after another whilst producing what could be one of the most stirring rock soundtracks I’ve come across in a video this year. There’s no getting around the coarse pop/rock tonality of the instruments, but that’s not what this single was meant to promote about Nané; this piece is all about harmony, both literally and figuratively, and while I just started listening to the band recently, it’s clear to me they’ve got more natural chemistry than many of their rivals do.

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While the rhythm modulates and only gets more pressurized when we get into the chorus of “Seventeen,” there are a couple of moments in which even the more jagged angles in the arrangement seem really smooth and controlled for the setting, and I credit this to the precision handiwork Nané come into this performance with. They know each other’s ins and outs when it comes to playing in the studio, and if their live work is as good as what they’re doing here, seeing them on stage is going to be a top priority for me in the future.

Nané isn’t particularly theatrical nor over the top about their presentation of an iconic style of alternative rock in “Seventeen,” but for what their style lacks in synthetic panache it more than makes up for in organic ability and skill that so few of the artists I come across in my career possess. This isn’t a lucky solo act – it’s the culmination of multiple players pouring their hearts into one furiously agile beast, and in this single, we get to see what that beast can do when there’s literally nothing big or strong enough to cage it.

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