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Single Review: DICI “Flip”

From the courtyard to the foyer and even back in the bedroom, all eyes are on Dici in the big brother-style music video for his new single “Flip,” and while it’s a simple concept for a relatively straightforward hip-hop track, what it alludes to is undeniable for those of us who have been keeping up with this player’s work. Dici has been getting an avalanche of good press in the past couple of years and among music critics is starting to be considered one of the brightest young rappers in his scene, but in this video, he rejects the attention he’s getting in no uncertain poetic terms – while acknowledging there’s really no escaping it.

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Aside from the visual scheme in the music video for “Flip,” the source material itself is really smooth and highly provocative given its joint sonic and lyrical effectiveness. Dici isn’t trying to conceal his emotions with poetry or percussive pulsations; both the verses and his beats stand behind his actual tone of delivery when it comes to assessing how the mood is formed in this song. It’s his voice, not even what he’s saying, creating a foundation for the climax here more than anything else.

Anyone who knows the indie beat has been talking about Dici for a reason in the last year, and besides his critically acclaimed breakthrough in “Five Rings,” I think this stands as one of the best samplings of his personality in a track. He’s focused but unconnected to the pressures of being a perfectionist, which gives him an ability to be himself while still sounding like a natural-born star versed in how to be an elite player. There’s still room to grow, but Dici is a rapper who knows who he is now and wants to get even harder in the studio here.

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