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Cory M. Coons Delivers Enjoyable “Freedom Road”

Building on an already impressive catalog of Roots-Rock/Americana hits, Cory M. Coons has released “Freedom Road” to much anticipation and delight from his fans. A traditional rocking track featuring the prominent vocals way up in the forefront, the massages of taking the simple things in life for granted plays ever-present throughout this track. A song of redemption, as we are all faced with tumultuous times, and uncertainty at every step, “Freedom Road” presses the point of “sometimes we must brave the storm on our own while standing up for our beliefs and speaking our own truth”. With an underlying theme of faith and spirituality, “Freedom Road” also uses metaphor and imagery to detail the “loss of innocence, and finding that common ground with the common man, and asking God for strength and healing from above on our journey of faith on this current path.” Musically, “Freedom Road” offers many tasty snippets of creativity and talent, I especially enjoy the performance from drummer Chris Golden as he has some pretty intricate and well-timed fills, and rolls to resolve each cadence of the track, allowing Cory M. Coons to explore more of his vocal phrasing without fear of slipping off that downbeat. The perfectly tight, and in the-pocket playing of Marc D. Muir keeps the rhythm very tight as he also adds the melodies which accompany the many grooves of the track.

The production on “Freedom Road” is well-executed, as stated, the vocals are ever-present and easy to follow-along, sing-along, and absorb the meaning of each lyrical phrase. Each frequency is well represented throughout the listening space, while the allotted headroom allows all the overtones from the 12-string guitars to ring out true and clear. “Freedom Road” is an excellent track for a laid-back Sunday, cruising down the highway, or even as a jam track at a family picnic. “Freedom Road” is enjoyable, lighthearted, and does not push the boundaries too far allowing the audience to embrace the subtleties with ease. Yet, the underlying metaphor of the track, should not be lost on the audience as “Freedom Road” delivers an uplifting message each of us should be reminded of.

–Lee Callaghan

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