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Love Is Fickle, But Justin Biltonen Isn’t. Listen: “Heartache Rodeo”

Love is unpredictable and if one thing’s for certain, you better saddle up and be ready for a wild ride. Justin Biltonen equates love to a rodeo; and the only thing more fickle than love is the outcome of a rodeo. The results are sure to leave a mark, whether good or bad; and if it’s bad, you’ll be left with some new bruises and scars. But no matter what, once your feet touch those stirrups, you better hold on tight.
“I’ve always loved rodeo and wanted to write a song with that imagery,” says Biltonen, who is also the bassist for alt-rock band 3 Doors Down. “Rodeo is the one sport where the odds are always going to be stacked against you, you kind of have to get used to always losing. The ups and downs of love and loss are a lot like that, too. In this story, I wanted the loser to be the winner. The guy might not get the girl, but he’s tough enough to stay on the horse long enough to win a title.”
Justin Biltonen brilliantly depicts this narrative. If there is only one takeaway, remember that life is messy and will do what it can to buck you off that horse. You can either give up, or hold on tight and win that rodeo.
Now ride on over to your favorite streaming platform and take a listen to Justin Biltonen’s “Heartache Rodeo,” out now.

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