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Single Review: Pinder “Same Mistake”

Same Mistake” by Pinder

We start slowly in the progressive pop masterpiece “Same Mistake” by Pinder, a harmony-focused mix guiding the lyrics with a tasteful indulgence any pop lover is bound to become entranced by. The instrumental foundations are simple, the verse rather pastoral, but the romantic energy these elements are forming is hard to dismiss as the result of luck alone. Pinder’s heart is on his sleeve here, his soul setting the beat afire before it’s even taken shape, and whether you’ve heard his music before now or not, you’re going to feel the pulse of his emotion in this piece at any volume it’s played at.

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Visually, the video for “Same Mistake” really swept me away when I saw it for the first time just recently, but not through a lot of excessive production themes that are becoming too prominent in mainstream pop for most of us to bear. There’s a difference between using decadence to convey passion and just inviting a lot of external nonsense into the fold to mask an inability to really communicate with the microphone in your hand, and for all intents and purposes, the former is what Pinder is doing in this single and its companion video.

Pinder’s “Same Mistake” is a soft-spoken rocker with a real compositional wit that I could use a lot more of in my life, and if you’ve been getting sick of the insularities that filled the pop music spectrum starting with the quarantine-era releases dropped just last year, it’s going to feel like a breath of fresh air for positive. There are a lot of indie players trying to be what Pinder essentially is today, but when put side by side with his peers, I think this is a singer/songwriter with the potential to become an influencer a lot sooner than the better-bankrolled artists in his scene will.

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