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Photo by: Lisa Eggleston

Wayne Avenue share debut single “Plastic Crown”

Boston based pop punk duo Wayne Avenue have shared their debut single “Plastic Crown” available now via Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube.

Speaking about the song, guitarist/songwriter Nicole Hellstern says “The song is about people who feel entitled that end up leaving behind people that care about them. I wrote it years ago noticing how people change in high school, even though it’s applicable at any stage of life. It’s a good reminder to surround yourself with the right people.”

After sitting on the song for some time, things finally came together when Hellstern came together with vocalist Beth Knight in late 2020 to form Wayne Avenue. Influences of pop punk giants such as Paramore and My Chemical Romance are apparent throughout the fast paced tune with chugging guitars reminiscent of Warped Tour days past.

Wayne Avenue online:

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