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Single Review: Little Wretches “All Of My Friends (LIVE)”

A brand new single has just been released by Little Wretches, a new version of “All Of My Friends” that comes to us live from The Mattress Factory. This means it’s time to take a closer look at the new single, as we always do.

The new single is a live track, which means the instruments are stripped back but more raw, and this works well for the song. A simple violin and guitar pair lead the song through its lyrical bends, sounding nice and light. The bely the darker underbelly of the song however.

“All Of My Friends” quickly peels back its layers, revealing itself to be a tune about how the lead singer’s friends are all rebels and undesirables as deemed by society. Dark moments and dingy back alleys are all they know, but they’re still doing their best to get through the day and live their lives. It’s a mirror to the actual living conditions of many people in the modern world, though one that’s not often given a spotlight.

Glamorous living and fresh clothes aren’t a common occurrence around these parts, and anarchy reigns supreme, and even the lead singer bemoans how “it’s not even safe to admit that you’re one of my friends”. There’s no shielding from the dark and sorrowful places and situations these people get into, and the singer lays out bare just how serious these issues can get.

It’s even more destitute when you realize a lot of the people involved aren’t even bad. Some of them are simply individuals trying to express themselves, or unlucky fellows born into terrible circumstances that they can’t dig themselves out of. It’s a grim reflection of the real world, as we’re sure was exactly the intention.

In all the gloom, doom and darkness however, the lead still finds ways to insert some hope for a better future. Don’t get it twisted, it’s a dark song that doesn’t sugarcoat any of the dingy details whatsoever, but it’s still an optimistic song about how things can get better, and how a desperate situation doesn’t make for a bad person as the singer wails about how they’re the best people he’s ever known.

It plants a seed of inspiration for a better future, one that sticks to the listener, and for that we give it a hearty commendation. Little Wretches hit their mark again, and we’re eager for more from them.

–Jason Airy

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