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ARAZ Sings Of Heartbreak And Redemption

Heartbreak, betrayal, and redemption, all common themes in the up and coming R&B star ARAZ’s catalogue of refreshingly captivating music.

From doing 3 years in a Virginia prison on marijuana charges to signing with BEATHOUSE and PULSE MUSIC GROUP in Los Angeles 2 years after being released, ARAZ is proving to be more than just a “product of the system” as he’d say. ” I’m here to show kids and anyone paying attention that you can be whoever the f*** you want to be no matter what you’ve been through. That dreams are real. ”

His latest singles “PEACE” and “PRESSURE”, off of his upcoming debut EP SiNNERS, are perfect examples of the ability ARAZ has to transcend R&B standards and bring us a raw edge that has been missing for a while now. With a hell of a story to tell and the voice to tell it, we can be sure that ARAZ will be making noise here soon.





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