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Single Review: Jay Elle “Miss Mess”

It’s hard to truly get into music sometimes, as songs find new ways to be creative and change the established formula. While it’s commendable to try finding something new and establish yourself as an artist, many an admirable effort has come up empty. Not everyone can end up a winner after all. Challenging this notion however is today’s artist, Jay Elle, with their new single “Miss Mess”.

While there’s a lot to unpack here, we can start with how “Miss Mess” does what many, many other artists fail to do, and that’s successfully establish an identity for its artist. Synths, piano and light guitars pave the way for a poppy, spacey sound the likes of which we can’t say we’ve really heard before. It simultaneously sounds modern and retro, and I dig it.

I’m not going to lie, the opening of the song had me a bit worried that I was in for a club song, with the heavy synths and drum rhythm. There’s nothing wrong with a club song of course, they can be fun. But something new is always more fun, and that’s exactly what I got as the song gently shifts into a brand new creation.

Pretty synths contribute to the dreamy feel, as the soaring vocals lift the song higher. Of course, huge props need to go to the production here. Excellent sound mixing allows the song to elevate its listener to loftier heights, almost transporting them to a new world entirely.

The aforementioned vocals also play a huge part in achieving that effect, with Jay Elle’s delivery being so unbelievably pleasant that it lulls you with just how comforting it is. It holds your attention, maintaining an upbeat feel, while also being relaxing. Such a fun tune!

It’s quite impressive just how sleek and seamless “Miss Mess” is. Every single element is well thought out, and then performed perfectly. Jay Elle has a clear knack for conceptualizing new, interesting ideas and fleshing them out with great hooks.

“Miss Mess” is a cut from Jay Elle’s album Ride The Wave, and that’s also an enjoyably pleasant romp through some really creative soundscapes. Jay Elle is a talented performer, one you’ll definitely want to keep your eye on in the future.

-Jason Airy

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