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Payton Howie’s here for the party in “Never Go Home”

Country-rocker Payton Howie ignites electrifying party vibes into the last days of summer with her latest single, “Never Go Home.” Proving she is here to stay, Howie offers a summertime anthem that arrives just in time for keeping the party going. An addictive opening guitar riff guides “Never Go Home” through a whirlwind of exhilarating energy, smashing expectations with non-stop rocking fire. “We can call it a night / but you know that we won’t / because the party don’t stop / if we never go home,” she belts, fully revealing her commitment to living young and free. She finds simplicity in life’s cherished moments, particularly in her own carefree experience.

Diving into what motivated her to write a summer party anthem, Howie divulged on what it means to her to live fun and fearless. “I want ‘Never Go Home’ to be one of those songs that reminds people that life is meant to be lived,” Howie explained, “We’re here for a good time, not a long time.” Reminding everyone to forget life’s daily obstacles, Howie encourages everyone to live in the moment, because there’s not a minute to spare. She’s living honest, open, carefree and she’s unequivocally herself in her latest summer jam “Never Go Home.”

“Never Go Home” is available NOW on all platforms! Listen Here: https://linktr.ee/paytonhowie 

Follow Payton’s journey at https://paytonhowie.com and find her on Instagram and TikTok @paytonhowiemusic!

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