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How Is Technology Changing The Lives Of Music Artists And Creators?

It is amazing to note how the internet and technology affect the lives of music artists and creators in modern life. If you are a budding artist, this article is just for you. 

Online entertainment

The most obvious impact of tech is that is has created an avenue for online entertainment. Today, millions of young men and women are taking to the internet for various entertainment activities. Thus, you can now enjoy games at ca.royalvegascasino.com, watch Netflix shows, and of course, listen to music and even watch livestreamed gigs. Indeed, there is no limit to online entertainment using technology and the internet.

The two most popular OTT platforms are Netflix and Hulu. Spend your weekends watching these top OTT shows. Some of these shows might be restricted for American audiences, but don’t worry. You can use a good Virtual Private Network to access these shows as well as live-streamed gigs from all over the world.

What is VPN?

This technology lets you watch blocked content by avoiding the traditional internet servers. Understand the meaning of VPN by reading this article. 

Remote teams

Thanks to the pandemic, more and more young adults are using Zoom other technologies. Through Zoom, Skype, etc., people can collaborate without meeting each other physically, which is great for music creators to collaborate on ideas when they’re unable to meet in person.


This is yet another exciting platform to showcase your talent. Spotify is a great platform for indie artists. If you are a budding artist, read this excellent article to make the best use of Spotify and use the platform to help you expand your reach, obtain more listeners, and earn money from your talent. 

Technology has other applications as well, keep reading this article.

How is the online music scene?

Today, hundreds and thousands of budding musicians and artists want to make their mark in the online music industry. The situation, however, isn’t easy as music trends and tastes keep changing frequently. The top challenges are:

  1. Too much competition
  2. Indie artists don’t find support and sponsorships
  3. Big labels and records are dominating the scene. 

However, some indie artists have seemingly broken the jinx and carved their niches. The top indie artists that you can draw inspiration from are:

  1. Arctic Monkeys
  2. Radiohead
  3. Death Cab for Cuties
  4. Franz Ferdinand
  5. Coldplay, etc. 

These bands started out all on their own and managed to carve a successful career for themselves, so can serve as great inspiration. 


Give a leg up to your music video with podcasting. This new technology allows content creators to broadcast their messages and opinions through audio files.

Podcasting is very easy, and all you need is the following things:

  1. A good microphone
  2. Script
  3. Sound-proof room
  4. A good podcasting app.

There is a really helpful podcasting guide here.

While podcasting is a very small industry, you can begin broadcasting right now and become an influencer of sorts.

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