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Single Review: Gary Pratt “Country To The Bone”

With the success of his previous single, “A Song You Can Drink A Beer To,” Gary Pratt follows up with “Country To The Bone” from his incredibly powerful album Something Worth Remembering. “Country To The Bone” is a fast-tempo rocking country offering determined to get the listener out of their seats and dancing. The use of distorted guitars lends an edge to this track which propels that up-tempo swing and pulls the listener in. Typically, a traditional country artist, Gary Pratt lends on his cast musical experience to offer this contrast in styles to create balance throughout his entire album. As a single, this track fits perfectly into any party mix and is ready for any country radio format as the feel-good, dance-inspiring track they need to balance their playlists. “Country To The Bone” does not offer any new concepts or push any social boundaries, it is meant as that entertaining offering listeners can drink a beer and enjoy their night without any troubles or regrets. A celebration piece of the wonderful rewards this genre of music and lifestyle has bestowed us. “It’s under my skin, it runs through my veins”.

With already over 70k streams on his debut single, “Country To The Bone” should continue this momentum. The superlative country essence is captured on this track and offers listeners new to the genre an insight into the many benefits of adopting the country music lifestyle. Not only is “Country To The Bone” an enjoyable piece of music, it also showcases Gary Pratt’s songwriting expertise. The effective way he blends his guitar riffs with his melodies, and the harmonization of his vocals give this release an almost stadium rock quality, a bigger-than-life sound as he fills out every frequency in the listening space. The tightness of the band behind him, playing perfectly in the pocket allows Gary to explore the cadences with more feeling, making this studio release feel like you are watching him perform it live. I love this track as a choice for a follow-up single, the contrast in tones demonstrated by Gary Pratt make him a sure act to follow.

–Lee Callaghan

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