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Single Review: “All Together” Neil Nathan

As a wise poet and songwriter once said, it really is a wild world out there, and Neil Nathan wants to bring all of it just a little closer together in his new music video “All Together” this September. While the music itself is probably more than enough to carry the narrative in this piece, I don’t know that enough can be said about the glowing quality of the imagery in the video, which lives up to the high standard Nathan has been setting for himself since I was first introduced to his work not that long ago.

WEBSITE: https://www.neilnathan.com/

“Let’s get lost, all together / Ride the rough seas and storms / Face the enemies as they come” tells an optimistic voice on the other side of a brooding guitar in the chorus of “All Together,” the adventurousness of the words easily confused for an insistence that feels just as enrapturing. Nathan wants us up on our feet here, chasing after whatever the morning sun has in store for us, and doing it in a manner that doesn’t divide so much as it decadently reminds us of what makes the world beautifully different and the same. Call it post-hippie songwriting as you please – it’s one of the most positive pieces I’ve reviewed this summer.

“All Together” is a retro wonder, but within enough reason that I think it’s going to strike a nerve with a lot of listeners both young and old this September in the best way possible. Neil Nathan’s voice and easy-going attitude amount to the musical hug a lot of the world could use more than normal right about now, and in this particular song I think it’s obvious why he’s experienced the meteoric rise from the shadows to the spotlight that he has in recent years. Top to bottom, he earns his praise in this single and its video.

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