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Studd Da Kidd Makes Her Move

DRH Consulting is promoting an event called the Exposure Explosion Festival and it’s a harbinger of glorious days ahead for this company. Founded by San Antonio entrepreneur and entertainer Studd Da Kidd, her consulting company has a bold mandate of providing childcare for artists, facilitating studio time if needed, small business marketing and interactive media support. It’s a daring approach emphasizing goals and values all too few contemporaries and peers embrace. Companies must have funding and turn a profit in order to continue, but there’s nothing about DRH’s approach prioritizing the bottom line above all other considerations.

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Running on such ambitions is demanding, but Kidd hasn’t allowed that to curtail her dreams. DRH Consulting is launching the Exposure Explosion Festival, an event set to take place in multiple states and cities where artists, performers, and content creators can express themselves. The chances for networking and building a following are boundless. Potential audiences are, naturally, a key part of the company’s presentation.

One of its primary ambitions is community building and unity. Anyone who has attended a fun concert understands the surprising unity that can occur between typically disparate groups. Studd Da Kidd’s approach to launching the Festival is simple, straight-forward, and recognizes the need existing in our culture. She maintains an active presence across the most popular social media platforms and encourages others to connect with her.

The multi-functional nature of the Festival reflects its needs. We live in an age when people have discovered countless avenues for self-expression rather than relying on classic vehicles and, thus, any public event or forum needs to acknowledge a range of possible “voices”. Exposure Explosion Festival isn’t about giving primacy to any one style or medium but, rather, celebrating the wide and ever-growing creative imaginations populating our lives.

The project and company do ask for a leap of faith. Nothing meaningful, however, happens without meaningful risk and similar temperaments in this area should align rather than debate. If you believe that one of the many ways out of the current woes our world faces is by giving a “stage” for people to make themselves heard, you will want to support DRH Consulting and Studd Da Kidd. If you have something to say, you may want to be a part of this experience.

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If you share its values, you’ll want to follow Studd Da Kidd every step of the way from now on. This is a voice that refuses to be quelled and with zero time for self-defeatism. Life calls upon us to make opportunities for ourselves, yes, but Studd Da Kidd and her company DRH Consulting realizes that we can help create opportunities for one another. One can content themselves with the mainstream festivals that entertain, but this is a chance to realize far greater results. It is a story of transformation. Studd Da Kidd and DRH Consulting wants to be an agent of transformation in a world always crying out for such a thing. It doesn’t ask anything out of us but open minds and hearts.


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