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Single Review: America’s Sweethear “Sugar Sugar Summertime”

If the new song “Sugar Sugar Summertime” from New Jersey’s America’s Sweethearts were a candy flavor, it would indeed be the candied sweet tarts. A confectionary-pop-tune with Beach Boys-leaning escapes, America’s Sweethearts dazzles with both sides of its grooving coin. There are moments when the guitar riffs are dark, as if they were diving into the cavernous at the ocean’s floor. There are also moments of light, when only the blue skies above (in this case the keen melodies) fill the endless void. “Sugar Sugar Summertime” is one tasty treat. 

One of the main things that  “Sugar Sugar Summertime” has going for it is its magnificent guitar arrangement. The sleek build, complete with that pristine connection between the guitar pic and the guitar strings, is idealyc. It makes for a great sonic journey, but it also calls to mind a particular place: the beach! I think the sound of the 60s surf music, everything from the aforementioned Beach Boys to Dick Dale to The Safaris captured our imaginations. What “Sugar Sugar Summertime” does is beguile us with that same sound, only slightly move it to the opposite coastline. These Jersey City girls, Valerie German and Anastasia Kinsella, are the torchbearers for summer pop music. At their core, they have that spark that only ignites once a generation. They caught it and have bottled it up in this gem of a song. They create an almost visceral feeling of ‘remember back then’ or ‘that was the greatest summer’ within the stanzas and guitar-driven song walls. 


This song might sound retro, but it doesn’t dwell there for too long. German and Kinsella’s vocals call out into the sunny afternoon a feeling of hope and wonderment. There is joy in their recollections, but also a sound foundation that life is still grand. There is power, albeit a fun one, in knowing that their artistic soul derives from this little, beach town called Jersey City. The fact that they call it out in the ending parts of the song, giving the town its own anthem, is quite entertaining. As a listener, it’s easy to get wrapped up and enamored with the town because of the way they sing. Adding to that luster and pedestal is the song’s music video. It’s a fantastic way to literally represent Jersey City, as well as showcase America’s Sweethearts friendship and synergy. Once again, you not only see that passion, but you can also feel it. 

The verdict? “Sugar Sugar Summertime” is twice the fun. I’m ready to restart the summer and get back into vacation mode when I listen. Each spin is like a new adventure, and a new look at a carefree life. Fans of surf rock, rockabilly and Jersey rockers like Bruce Springsteen and others that give ode to the Jersey Shore, should check out America’s Sweethearts and their engaging tune. This one’s a keeper, or should I say, a keepsake. The delicious guitar, the vocal hooks and the drooling bass grooves and rhythms, will knock your socks off. 

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