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Single Review: Ryan And Pony “Start Making Sense”

As soon as I click play into the Pandemic-laden world of the video “Start Making Sense,” I leap with great exuberance, feeling hope and victory over those dark times of 2020.

The composers of this work are the brilliant tandem of Ryan Smith and Kathie Hixon-Smith, calling themselves Ryan and Pony, a duet blessed with a genuine calling to portray worldly themes in their art.

WEBSITE: https://ryanandpony.com/

As the sound begins, I’m flooded with lush, psychedelic guitars, hypnotic bass and dynamic drum fills. The song delivers with excellent production and mastering, feeding the video’s visuals with great vision and clarity.

As the song begins, the verses are brilliantly woven, moving in to quite an enticing and powerful chorus that lift the soul from the fires of Covid times to a message of great hope for blue skies and brighter days ahead.

Playing the song again and again, and soaking one’s eyes and ears into the video, I feel more and more engaged, and come to realize that each and every bit of the song’s structure, melody and visual falls into place, the piece as a whole making greater sense.

Ryan and Pony are veterans of the rock scene, putting all their wisdom, knowledge and experience into crafting this work, making it an enduring success and pleasure to listen, watch and enjoy.

It feels more and more enticing, its themes presented more intriguing, and the song and video flow with greater ease. “Start Making Sense” outlines all the things the world battled against in 2020 in its lyrics and visual. As pictures of the fear and strife we faced during the heavier period of Covid are expressed towards the song’s middle, it later fades back to a promise of newfound birth and hope in the final measures.



It’s a captivating video that resonates with immense effect on the brain, never ceasing to amaze in its overall simplicity, a perfect escape to enjoy in this era.

I love the feel and swagger of this entertaining duo, a songwriting team churning out music and art with compelling vision and purpose, carrying out their mission to spread hope and peace through the platform of rock music, their torch lifting the spirits of both young and old.

Truly I think one should not shy away from the timeless sounds of 90s alternative and all the grand themes they blessed us with. I believe Ryan and Pony are leaders in carrying on that era’s legacy, with great music of glory days past. In a song beautiful and lush as this, it’s wonderful to discover a group resonating such a statement. They are a killer band that plays instruments in killer form, without the use of extra effects and computers.

Pandora: https://www.pandora.com/artist/ryan-and-pony/moshi-moshi/start-making-sense/TRbq7zgjdtP3xZ9?corr=knowledge_panel&part=google

I’m so happy to have crossed paths with this video. I would not be surprised to find more great music coming from this group in the months ahead that continue to fervently tackle issues gripping our world today, such as economic woes, countries lacking in food, supplies and medicine needed to sustain a healthier wellbeing, and a planet facing greater destruction daily due to climate change.

This video is a winner in my book, one that helps you wake up and think, putting our hearts and minds into action to bring about positive change. To me it’s not just a piece of music with fuzzy guitars and pulsing percussion. To me it means something, and I believe without a shadow of a doubt, I would continue to revisit its message in my song list, hitting the play button a year from now.

The approach is stunning, it’s sonic message crisp, full of a sustain that makes the heart skip a beat. My take on it? Don’t forget to open up this video. Give it a chance and you’ll not fail to be rewarded.


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