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Single Review: Nied’s Hotel Band “The Day The Lady Cried”

Dubbed as Pittsburgh’s best bar band, the Nied’s Hotel Band delivers rocking blues and country hits night after night to their electric fans. Along with a massive catalog of timeless hits, the Nied’s Hotel Band also delivers powerful, inspirational, and downright entertaining hits of their own. However, every now and then artists focusing on rocking and swinging feel compelled to slow things down a bit, and tackle larger
social issues, and explore the bounds of their songwriting capabilities. “The Day The Lady Cried” is a touching tribute to the 2001 disaster which befell New York City. A powerful theme, delivered in a narrative of the events of 9/11 but, delivered through the eyes of the iconic Statue of Liberty. A fascinating metaphor for Lady Liberty as she patrols the peoples of America and their liberties, and the horror of these same freedoms besieged upon. “Then a storm gathered, day became night. With a sudden flash of thunder, power and might. She looked from the distance, a tear fell from her eye. It later came to pass, as the day the lady cried.” John Vento, lead-singer for the Nied’s Hotel Band delivers a powerful, touching vocal clarity to this troubling subject matter in a graceful, reproached, and mature manner. Coupled with the accompanying female harmonies this Country/Blues track is a touching reminder of what the world has lost.

Blended with messages of faith, and inspiration, “The Day The Lady Cried” is an excellent addition to the already dynamic catalog of The Nied’s Hotel Band. A challenging theme to be delivering on the 20th anniversary of these events, The Nied’s Hotel Band has risen to the challenge by creating a mature, professional account while sympathizing with the victims and their families and offering hope for the rebuild of the values Lady Liberty stands for. This track captures the voices of America in rising above these events and growing stronger. What I particularly found interesting is the toned back guitar licks and saxophone fills which make the Nied’s Hotel Band so dynamic. The ability of these players to step back and allow the subject matter to hold the spotlight is a testament to the dedication this group has to their craft, and a demonstration of how tight a band can be to push the vocals, and melodies forward without all the other frills a bar crowd feeds on.

Powerful, tasteful instrumentation makes “The Day The Lady Cried” a touching memorial, and an equally enjoyable song.




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