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Electronic Music Producer Releases New Instrumental EP

Independent music producer Andrew Hetherington has just released his latest offering, a six-track EP of electronic instrumentals. Once again he has demonstrated complete mastery of his craft by blending warm analog tones and driving rhythms into a beautiful juxtaposition of aural magnificence. Wired comes hot on the heels of his last album ‘Afterlife’ and continues in the same vein featuring beautiful synth melodies accompanied by guitar, bass, drums and a glorious mixed choir.

Andrew Hetherington is an electronic music producer with a unique songwriting gift. What sets Andrew apart from his peers is his talent for creating catchy tunes whilst simultaneously excelling at the more technical aspects of his craft. He has an instinctive flair for writing songs with a very strong melody that connects with audiences from the very first listen and leaves the listener moved by the raw emotion in them.

Like shifting desert sands Andrew’s continually expanding repertoire of original instrumentals has constantly changed and evolved, supplying his fans with a diverse range of music styles and genres to experience. Since 2017 he has steadily produced a colorful variety of synth-driven aural candy ranging from relaxing downtempo sounds, 80s style synthwave and more recently the hypnotic rhythms and repeating melodic phrases characterized by modern trance music.

Here’s a schismatic artist who is not apprehensive about experimenting with the nontraditional, and like so many pioneers before him he blazes his own trail across the musical landscape. As a genuinely independent force, Hetherington has released nine albums and four EP’s of instrumental music. The drive and energy are clear; this is an artist in love with his craft, committed to sharing his work with the world.

“Wired” makes for a great listening experience. The production is top notch, and it’s clear that everything has been very purposely placed in the mix. This is another exceptional entry in Andrew Hetherington’s very solid discography. The EP “Wired” released officially on September 10th 2021.

Wired is available as a FREE download on Bandcamp.

Website: https://www.andrew-hetherington-music.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/imakesongs
Twitter: https://twitter.com/IMakeSongs
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdoKBf0oqulBEsSNQpaWbIg
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/5SBDcWzW4gKx05fRNZz3yb

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