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Interview With Water Tower

What changes are happening in your life these days when it comes to your career?
I am learning a lot more about the industry that I am in. For many years I was waiting for someone else to help me. Now I just love helping myself, because it ends up helping those around me.
What is the current state of your music?
Super Chill, slightly chaotic at times, even borderline aggro-crag.
How are you choosing to spend your time when not making music?
Studying and meditating. I am learning about the art of breath. The deeper I breathe, the more insight I seem to have.
What do you take away from the music that inspires you?
The feeling of freedom in the moment. Bliss, Joy and ecstasy are the things I enjoy coming from music.
What is the most important foundation to creating a fulfilling career in music?
Deep breathing in this current moment. Always challenging the depth of our breath. That provides the wisdom needed to pursue anything.
What about a fulfilling life?
Learning to evolve into the present moment. Learning to move with the energy that is here now. Learning to be more like water, and less like rock. A mountain may tower above us, but it does not move and cannot morph into fluid. Water can soften a mountain to a flat point, and carry with it all the tides of time. To be like water is to move with the energy that is here now. Flow over and with everything that is.
Leave us with a personal story that connects to your latest single?

“Anthem” is about having a good time.  I wrote it about drugs initially, but I also wrote it with the idea that one day I would be off drugs enough to share energy with my people. Now I have enough energy for all of us!
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