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Juliana Riccardi debuts official music video for “Full Cup”

Singer-songwriter Juliana Riccardi has released the music video for “Full Cup,” the introspective title track of her forthcoming EP, Full Cup, out October 8th. The visual for the single —which highlights Juliana’s soulful powerhouse vocals over a blend of trumpets, scuzzy guitar and soft drums—spotlights the vulnerability in the song’s lyrics as she reflects on moments in her life that celebrate the different facets of who she is: grounded, honest, and confident.

“The inspiration behind the ‘Full Cup’ video was to keep it real -using locations and people true to my everyday life, all of whom make my life full,” Juliana shares. “After a really rough spring this year, I booked a camping trip with my girlfriends who are all incredibly talented artists and creatively like-minded and we brainstormed on ideas. Ultimately, I wanted the narrative of the video to be simple. Something that was warm, inviting, and full of love for the self, for family and friends, and for the sun on my face. It all felt right and I loved being able to create with my friends who I love and respect so much.”

Combining aspects of her native New Yorker grit with a number of styles that have impacted her authentic energy —including her background in Jazz Performance, connection to blues and roots, and influences of the 60s and 70s “Full Cup” offers a glimpse into Juliana’s forthcoming EP. In search of truth in her expression, the Los Angeles based singer-songwriter and burgeoning producer unveils a new dimension of her dynamic sound on Full Cup which was recorded live at Dreamland Recording Studio and bonds analog and digital effects to create a textural firestorm.

Throughout Full Cup, Juliana reveals an intimate portrait of her most vibrant self, creating a serene and reflective soundscape indicative of her foundational East Coast expression and newfound West Coast clarity.Accompanying Juliana on the EP is a critically acclaimed ensemble of longtime creative associates and dear friends. In some measure, each song on Full Cup expresses a shift Juliana felt in her personal life as well as her artistry. “I’m at an age when I don’t care that my musical gesture comes out as more than any one style. It’s my style. And I’m proud of that. I’m proud of this record being a heightened version of myself.”

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