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Kingdom Man Announces Brand New Project, “Whole Lotta Christ”

Kingdom Man is a rap artist who recently announced a brand new project, Whole Lotta Christ.

August 2021 – Kingdom Man is an artist with a vision: bringing passion, character and innovation to his sound. His music is inspired by genres as diverse as modern hip-hop, and he managed achieve a winning combination of creative excellence and spontaneity, highlighting his ability to set the bar higher in terms of production and performance alike. If you want to get a better feel for the artist’s sounds and artistry, check out his latest release, Whole Lotta Christ. This song has been very-well produced, giving the audience an unmistakable sense of style and taste.

These are tough times for artists and most people out there, but releases like Whole Lotta Christ bring a lot of hope to listeners, as there are still many amazing things moving and many stories to be told in song format by artists with a lot to tell.

Find out more about Kingdom Man, and do not miss out on Whole Lotta Christ, which is currently available on the web’s best streaming platforms.

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