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Isaiah LaDuke Has Released A Brand New Studio Work Titled “Sunshine”

August 2021 – Isaiah LaDuke is an artist who combines various genres and ideas in order to create a very personal and unique sound. His songwriting style is deeply intertwined with the importance of his lyrics, and while many artists in this particular genre seem to be content with simply making catchy music that’s a bit empty, he wants to achieve something deeper than that. He wants to make music that is so dynamic and diverse, not only in terms of sounds, but also in terms of meaning. Because of this Isaiah LaDuke’s music has the true power to inspire, motivate and create a truly special bond between the music and those who listen to it. His most recent release, Sunshine is indeed a very charismatic snapshot of his creativity and vision, highlighting his commitment to making inspiring, yet catchy music.

Find out more about Isaiah LaDuke, and listen to Sunshine, which is now available online.


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