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Brayden Knapp (Also Known As Bray) To Release A New Studio Work: “Reset”

August 2021 – Brayden Knapp (also known simply as “Bray”) is back on the scene with a new studio work, which will undoubtedly show the audience that he is far from being your average recording artist!

Although his sound is rooted in the rap genre, his music is completely free, he allows different ideas and influences to inspire his eclectic work.

Ultimately, Brayden makes music that is striking for its outstanding arrangements, punchy grooves and gripping lyrics. His remarkably melodic voice is seamless and organic, combining his great musical background with unprecedented charisma and a distinctive vocal approach that echoing the work of influencers as diverse as Juice WRLD and Lil Peep.

Find out more and don’t miss out on his recent release, “Reset”.


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