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Album Review: Talitha Jae “Spilt T”

Talitha Jae has an expressive, warm, inviting voice that lends itself well to her bluesy indie pop sound. The Queensland, Australia-based singer/songwriter recently released her debut EP, “Spilt T,” which showcases both her vocals and her strong songwriting ability. Her music has been referred to as “the feels,” and it certainly is full to the brim with feeling. Talitha Jae explores the highs and lows of the current dating scene and relationships throughout her songs and infuses each track with personality and emotion. She knows how to write a song that just makes you feel good, even if the content is sorrowful.

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The single off the EP, “Butterflies & Anxiety,” has a slow, rich, honey-like sound; the kind of song that makes you close your eyes and sway back and forth a little bit. Talitha Jae sings about the feelings at the beginning of a relationship when you’re excited and falling a bit, but you’re terrified it might not be solid. While she isn’t the first person to sing about these things, it’s a relatable song and there’s something extremely charming about it. What human being hasn’t had a moment where they go “I really like them…but…what if…?” Her awesome voice coupled with the country/blues sound will have you circling back to “Butterflies & Anxiety” for another listen.

Headed in the opposite direction of “Butterflies & Anxiety,” is the final track on the EP, “I’m Done.” It’s an upbeat, cheeky, “screw you” break-up song that fits right in on a “girl’s night” playlist. Talitha Jae warbles out a story a lot of us know too well…where a guy flip flops and plays with our emotions to the point where we have to walk away. The genius part of the song is how it abruptly ends, because she can’t be bothered to keep explaining herself to him anymore. It’s cute and clever and was a funny way to end the EP. Even while exploring the pain of a relationship ending poorly, Talitha Jae keeps a sense of humor about it, which is endearing.

Talitha Jae began gaining some traction in her musical career in 2018, when one of her original songs was in the top ten finalists for the Listen Up Music’s Songwriting Awards in Australia. She was also a semi-finalist for the same award in 2020. She has been highly successful in her festival performances, earning her three slots at the 2020 Tablelands Folk Festival. She has also been invited to play with Clare Bowditch and the Wolfe Brothers, as well as the Pierce Brothers.

Talitha Jae’s “Spilt T” as a whole is so lovely and I like that it tells a small story from beginning to end so you get a whole range of emotions and sounds. It’s like the world’s shortest one-woman musical, and she has one of those voices that drips with star-quality. Talitha Jae takes you on her journey with romance in the 21st Century, sings her heart out, and leaves it all on the stage. (Or in your ears, in this case.)

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