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Single Review: Le Sonic “Any Moment”

Pulsating with a groove distinctive of slow, clubby jazz but emitting a harmony more akin to something on the pop end of the spectrum, there’s hybridity to the initial bars we make contact with in “Any Moment” by Le Sonic that is impossible to ignore. In this track, which features a guest spot from Robert Lee certain to send chills down your back, Le Sonic are openly flirting with concepts that a lot of Gen-Z listeners have come to associate with the liberal stylizations of retrowave, vaporwave, lofi, and post-jazz ambient works that take heavily from the surreal chamber music and lounge beats of yesteryear.

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This is still pure jazz through and through, but when analyzed through a specifically youthful lens, there are shades of progressive pop songcraft that one might not associate with the purist realm within this genre. There’s a simplicity melded into even the most sophisticated of moments we might discover in “Any Moment,” and in my experience, each listening session spent with the song can yield a different emotional response from the audience, if not a vastly different interpretation of what the eponymously-versed single is meant to convey on the lyrical front. 

The theme of this track is undisputedly reimagining the familiar, but I would stop short of saying that what Le Sonic has crafted boils down to hybridity and rebooting stock aesthetics to their most sterling qualities. True, there’s a level of experimentation that comes with making any moment within “Any Moment” (pun intended), but from the second we press the play button forward there’s never any questioning whether or not the groove is setting up the mood for every other component of the mix.

The vocal is more of an accent than a centerpiece, allowing for the lazy lash of the percussion and the soft brilliance of the harmonies our singer would create to be our main source for poetry in this single. The ambient backdrop is comforting and highly stimulating despite emulating qualities more commonly found in drone music than they would be conventional jazz, and as much as I detest raw production designs outside of this style, Le Sonic make their unfiltered edginess in this track sound too immersive to be resisted. 

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Chill vibes are almost impossible to find when we need them these days, but they’re essentially available on-demand in “Any Moment.” There’s a seamlessness to this performance that is only tangible when the players are of an elite caliber, and to me, it doesn’t get much better for a project of this nature than Le Sonic and Robert Lee. Between these three artists, the history is immense and spans decades’ worth of pop history.

The notion of collaboration is already sensational enough without actually listening to what they can do when they’re in the studio together, but now that I’ve got a taste for it in “Any Moment,” I’m really hoping this isn’t the last occasion they adventure into the sonic unknown as a unit. It’s an experimental look, but one that is wholly accessible thanks to melodicism of the mightiest variety. 

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