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Single Review: Pre-Sexual Activities “Spotify Your Life”

Blindfolded but not unbound to their instruments, Pre-Sexual Activities fill out the noir edging in the video for “Spotify Your Life” in the strangest, most magnetizing way imaginable, but I wouldn’t call the whole of their performance here outside of pop conventionality.

The message in the visual side of this piece is undeniable – streaming culture killed the indie store star, one may lyrically wax, and atoning for that death is a band committed entirely to the notion of developing an alternative to commercial sounds in music today. Theirs is true indie rock, in all of its eclectic glory.

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We switch between two specific tempos in “Spotify Your Life,” with the middle-ground in the song replicating a dreamscape in both the video and the track on its own. The shift in rhythm doesn’t foster as atmospheric a backdrop as you might anticipate, but it doesn’t prevent the melodies from sounding introverted and spacey, either. All things considered, I think it would be fair to describe this single as an elegy at heart, but one that speaks to the state of shock that comes with realizing something is really gone forever. Surreal is one way to put it, but perhaps not a strong enough term for this release.



Pre-Sexual Activities’ “Spotify Your Life” is nothing short of a moving depiction of indie culture’s last stand against an ever-marginalizing industry driven by corporate greed, and from where I sit, it’s one of the most important tracks to debut out of their scene all summer long. I had a good feeling about this act upon hearing the unbelievably original Funk Essentials EP last year, but from the looks of what they’re accomplishing in 2021, I just might have underestimated their potential to change the game for the American underground, and specifically young experimentalists in need of a messianic collective.


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