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Fun Card Games to Play with Friends

Getting together with friends is one of life’s truest joys and what better way to get together than with a good game that everyone can enjoy. Card games are among the best ways to play a satisfying game with a large group of people and there is a wide range of choices available to you when it comes to card games. So, if you want to play some card games the next time you have your friends over, then you might want to consider some of the great games detailed below.

Hero Realms

This brilliant game is a deck builder with a twist. In traditional deck building games, each player has their own deck that they have constructed previously themselves and bring it to games. However, that’s not how things work in Hero Realms. In this fantastic game you construct your deck as the game progresses, drawing from a communal “market” and reshuffling your decks when you run out of cards to play. This dynamic makes for an incredibly fun and variable play experience that avoids the predictability or one-sided style other deck building games suffer from.


When you’re looking for great card game experiences there are very few things that measure up to Uno for a wonderful multiplayer card game experience. The classic game is centered around the process of using up every card in your hand while keeping your opponents from doing the same, playing fun cards like reverse, plus 2, plus 4, and wild cards to keep your opponents from winning. 

Cards Against Humanity

Another great option when it comes to party card games is the infamous Cards Against Humanity. This zany game is well known across the world for its crude humor and vulgar jokes that have people gasping from shock and laugher alike. The process of the game focuses around communal joke making using blank spaces on the black joke card using the white cards that each player holds. Players take turns judging the quality of other players’ joke making capabilities and the winner of each round wins the black joke card.

Gin Rummy

If you’re looking for card games that are more on the classic side than the relatively contemporary offerings of games like Uno, Hero Realms, and Cards Against Humanity, then Gin Rummy could be a fantastic way for you and your friends to get that kind of game in.

Poker (Pokies)

One of the all-time best classic card games, if you’re looking to have a great night filled with tension and conversation, then poker is a fantastic way to do it. Whether you and your friends play poker online with Gamble Online or gather around and play the classic way, you’ll no doubt have a great experience with your friends.


Finally, blackjack is another brilliant classic that is sure to give you and your friends plenty of opportunity to chat and laugh while wiling away your stresses. Plus, its always fun to have a round or two and see who the cards are favoring that day.



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