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Album Review: Cold Stares “Heavy Shoes”

The veteran musical talents of Chris Tapp and Brian Mullins deliver a decade’s worth of hard work as the super duo Cold Stares, completing Heavy Shoes, a powerful blues rock epic guaranteed to grip the soul. A delightful listen from start to finish, this eclectic mix of grand distortion guitars and dazzling drums are blended in comfortably with ravishing lead vocals in each and every track.

This fine duet seems to have cracked the prism of current blues rock methods, as they are successfully able to fine tune and craft a brilliant album, brewing with explosive intensity and deep emotional resonance. Perhaps their creativity as a group has reached an artist renaissance during their storied musical career. Yet I believe their wit, wisdom and veteran status proves to the writers and their fans that their best days are yet to come.

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Heavy Shoes packs a mighty wallop with energetic fury and witty passion laced in tunes such as the stunning “Prosecution Blues” and the gripping “Take this Body From Me.” Themes of seeking freedom from the pains and strife of the world, reconnecting with the magic of youth once lost color the records overall message and tone.

Tapp and Mullins take their collective resources to craft enriching and absorbing moods in each song, channeling their gifts to materialize blues in it’s must sincere and authentic presence.

With haunting effect Cold Stares ignite the core insides of each track with bittersweet energy, their lyrics leaning on a message intent in helping their fans feel the true power of blues, compelling and heartbreaking, triumphant and bittersweet.

The title track “Heavy Shoes” right away grants the listener an enjoyable and fresh peak into the broader dimensions of this duet’s compelling instrumental imagination and creative moral fiber.

“You Wanted Love” spells out the group’s ability to flourish in complex chordal arrangements and frenzied, spellbinding percussion with a rare freedom and ease. The bridge brilliantly segues into a riveting chorus hook, only setting the soul up for more beautiful and lush musical surprises, as each tune seems to effectively carry out.

Refreshing and breathtaking, Heavy Shoes is a lovely work of blues, never too dull or boring. Each track is delicately crafted and fine-tuned to precision, not too long or short, each with the punch of lyrical wit, the spellbinding chorus hook and shimmering with fun and delicious new

surprises. Quite an attractive experience, Heavy Shoes easily digs into the soul of its listener, able to take a man on a journey into the depths of what it really feels to feel the blues.

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Through actively listening and seeking to feel this album in its entirety, one will come to realize the great spontaneity, wit, drive, passion and energy the duet of Tapp and Mullins have, and the magical bond that is their friendship. This record is quite a tremendous achievement of great songwriting and musicianship, an endearing look into the world of classic blues and should not be missed this summer.

I’m very happy to have discovered this new album. I believe it has set itself as the gold standard that will lead the way for great blues rock albums in this new decade. Certainly this dazzling effort should successfully bring the crowds to their feet in applause in a hurry. Perhaps one can feel the support and raw adoration of a growing fanbase present, as you can feel the raw energy in the room as the record spins.


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