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Review: “Parallel Lines” Hits The Mark For Atwood

Hailing from Milan, Italy, alternative rock duo Atwood has released their new single, “Parallel Lines”. Produced by Francesco “Katoo” Catitti, “Parallel Lines” is a radio ready modern rock single that effortlessly blends pop production and energetic rock hooks, all perfectly mixed under powerful yet vulnerable vocals.

Vocalist Alice Grupallo shows great emotional and vocal range in this pop influenced rocker. The song effortlessly blends a gothic radio rock sensability with a straight forward modern rock vibe for the choruses, giving the track an early 2000s throwback feel that would feel at home on a ‘Crow’ or “Underworld’ movie soundtrack.

Lyrically, “Parallel Lines” is all about being at war with one’s self. ” “Parallel Lines” is for you, if you’ve ever fought against your own body, and if you’ve ever felt like you just don’t belong with it,” explains the band, “Often times, mind and body walk at two different paces, they fight an endless fight without ever finding peace. There is no use talking it through – but even when every single bone hurts, and when every hope seems to be lost, you can try and find the strength to say goodbye, to find balance. It may not work, but it will be worth a shot.”

This single is perfect for fans of bands liks Pvris and Paramore. Check the track out below:

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