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Dolleesi Shows She Is A Star On The Rise With “Escape”

Dolleesi is an internationally recognized singer and songwriter, currently based in Los Angeles, CA. She was born in North Greece and was raised on the island of Rhodes, where her talent in music started to bloom. Dolleesi is known for her powerful vocals and her impressive range that blend harmonically with the smooth sound of her guitar and piano, creating a unique vibe that makes the audience travel through time. Creative and versatile, Dolleesi composes tracks with a rich pallet, combining elements of Pop, R&B, and electropop. Her melodic original compositions are deeply emotional and atmospheric, expressing the full depth of her inner world. Lyrics sprout from her heart, reflecting the power of feelings through the human experience.

Dolleesi has just dropped her new single, “Escape”. The breezy pop track centers on the theme of escaping in the metaphorical way, to an island in a sea. “The song describes desire emotions, love and passion in their limits,” explains Dolleesi, “Lyrics sprout from a lover’s heart are motivational and optimistic, combined with the impulse of youth makes the song a real escape when listening.

The track, produced by Camilo Velez, mixed by Andrés González Cardona and mastered by Camilo Silva, was inspired by Dolleesi’s childhood spent on the island of Rhodes in Greece. “The inspiration was my country and my hometown,” says Dolleesi, “Summer in Greece, island vibes and sunset images on my head led to the song “Escape”, that I am super excited to share with you.

As a professional musician, with Dual Degree in Bachelor of Music, Performance and Songwriting from Berklee College of Music, Dolleesi has a rich wealth of knowledge in performing arts, music theory and composition. She started her music education at the Melantheio Conservatory in Rhodes at the young age of 11, and then she continued her studies at the Philippos Nakas Conservatory in Athens. As a passionate teenager, devoted to music, Dolleesi decided to leave her country, to explore further in Europe and then in USA. She stopped at nothing to succeed her goals, including moving to a different continent by herself. The sacrifices she needed to make and the obstacles she had to overcome, made her a mature independent young artist, and gave her more inspiration for her original songs, arousing the interest of journalists and the press, such as Broadway World Magazine and LA Voyage.

Diligent and methodical in her work, Dolleesi believes that consistency and hard work are essential tools necessary for success. Equipped with talent and discipline, she is breaking down barriers. The freshness of her youth and keen sensitivity allow her to find satisfaction in selflessness and contribution. Soulful, impactful, and beautiful, Dolleesi is reaching a new evolution in music.

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