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MIC DROP the Movie: Tearing Down Barrier Between Hip Hop & Christianity

Christian Hip Hop [CHH] music is a genre that was created to tear down the barrier put in place between Hip Hop and Christianity. Using spoken word to mirror oppression, determination and real life experience, Hip Hop itself transformed a source of expression into a culture all on its own. The assumption that Christianity and Hip Hop could not be connected was proven to be false by Christian Hip Hop pioneers from the 1980’s the likes of Stephen Wiley and Michael Peace. For those that bridged the gap and created this genre, director Darius West sought to document their accomplishments and highlight the history and culture of Christian Hip Hop through his debut documentary, MIC DROP. Recording the journey of Christian Hip Hop as it has developed over the years, MIC DROP capitalizes on the genre’s early beginnings to its present-day influence.
Watch the trailer here: https://youtu.be/rltuJn2wsNo

The genre’s unstoppable groove ultimately inspired West to organize THE MIC DROP EXPERIENCE – a once in a lifetime event, focusing on bringing together the most influential Christian Hip Hop artists. These artists will perform live for the first time in decades on the same stage at the Granada Theater in Dallas, TX on Friday, June 19. West hopes this event will honor the founders who brought Christian Hip Hop to life, and those who continue to help the genre evolve.
Tickets for the event are available NOW at: https://www.granadatheater.com/event/87545-mic-drop-the-culture-of-christian-hip-hop-dallas/

Visit MIC DROP’s website at: https://www.micdropthemovie.com

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