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Single Review: See Your Shadow Songwriting “It Starts With Hello”

Led by Michael “The Metropolitan Cowboy” Coleman, See Your Shadow’s “It Starts With Hello” is a straightforward country and western track that anyone can enjoy while spending time outdoors.

Following the success of their dance club music, and work in film and television, See Your Shadow re-branded and switched its focus and sound to its first love, country and western.

While many artists have a challenging time trying to switch genres, See Your Shadow did so in a painless manner where many will have a challenge to even know they once dance club music.

The group itself is a musical creation entity based out of Phoenix, Arizona, and is run by Michael The Metropolitan Cowboy Coleman. The group’s unique approach to being a collaborative network makes it, so their tracks feature an extensive array of talented vocalists and musicians.

Coleman is the artistic director of the group and first launched See Your Shadow in Columbus, Ohio, taking the name from his birthday, which happens to fall on Groundhog Dog.

The group’s latest release, It Starts With Hello, is a modern country track that any significant country fan will immediately fall in love with. It has the tempo, twang, and vocal delivery to back it up.

The track begins with a quick drum-fill within a sorrow-filled guitar passage right into the verse. While discussing the nature of hello, the track focuses on every conversation beginning with hello, a word most people don’t realize the significance of.

The short verse goes into the chorus, furthering the discussion on hello and a sweet guitar lick into the second verse. While being slightly more upbeat than the first, it still carries the sweet country flavor that made the track so initially appealing.

The second chorus comes along, being the same as the third, but rather than go to another verse, a short and sweet guitar solo kicks off. Finally, the bridge appears, leading directly into the third chorus.

This time, the third chorus features different language variations of saying hello, demonstrating how humanity is more connected to one another than what’s traditionally stated.

By the end, you’ve heard a short country track that comes with a simple yet powerful message pertaining to how we communicate with each other.

Not only is it refreshing to hear a positive message in a country track, but anyone who is a fan of

that genre will surely get a great sense of enjoyment from it.

Coleman has gone on record stating the song came out of the blue, where many of the group’s tracks come from the human experience rather than actually jotting the music down, highlighting how hello is a communication tool people typically use to begin their introduction to one another.

Outside of It Starts With Hello, Coleman is the only professional songwriter ever nominated for the office of Poet Laureate for Ohio.

The group’s single I Will Tell Jesus You Said Hello reached number one on the iTunes Country Songs chart in South Africa, receiving national and international airplay and charting. Their follow up My Worth, also went number one.

-Jimmy Garfield

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