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Solidify Releases Brand New Single “By The River”

An upcoming studio single with a nostalgic, yet uplifting sound

Solidify is a band with a focus on creating original music rooted in rock. Their sound is diverse and energetic, tapping into a wide variety of influences and sonic aesthetics. The group’s most recent studio single begins with a catchy vocal part, alone, yet decisive, before the guitar kicks in with a mellow arpeggio. Soon after, the full band chimes in with a big, assertive drum beat and a full-on, melodic bass line. The arrangement has a lot of punch and the production has a thick, cinematic sound that feels big and far-reaching. However, the song also has an intimate quality to it, particularly because of the nostalgic flair of the vocals, which add a more natural, personal touch.

They say that great music is all about being able to tell a story with the audience – it doesn’t matter if you choose to do it through words, music alone or a combination of both: there has to be a connection, which makes listeners empathize with the artist and his material. This is definitely happening here!

“By The River” is highly recommended to fans of The Fray, The Calling, Francis Moon, Angels and Airwaves, and Coldplay. Find out more about Solidify, and listen to this release, which is going to be available on all streaming and to select FM radio stations on 5/26/21.

Spotify – https://open.spotify.com/artist/22dYIbTt6n5WdJ3ZlVekZc?si=WeXJ8DsgRN2PlfZUzzjq-g&utm_source=copy-link

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